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Game Description

The Vortex is a brand-new, voice-first adventure game for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You play the role of a traveler aboard a derelict spaceship that was destined for parts unknown. You’re suddenly awoken from your cryo-sleep by a team of rag-tag repair robots, who you’ll need to command to get to the bottom of your mysterious situation. Together with your robotic team, will you be able to survive The Vortex?


The Vortex can be an entirely audio-only experience when played on devices such as the Amazon Echo, or the Google Home Mini. When played on devices with screens, however, the game also provides a visually rich and fully interactive user interface in addition to its audio content and voice interface.

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About Doppio

Doppio makes conversational games about people and their relationships, discussing life's biggest questions in a delightfully surprising and humorous way. The studio was founded in 2018, with the mission to bring storytelling and game design closer together in voice games, opening up a new market of conversational games in the process.

Doppio is based in Porto, Portugal. Click here for more information about our team.

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