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Executive Team


Jeferson Valadares
Co-Founder & CEO

Jeferson is Doppio's Chief Executive Officer and a co-founder of the studio. Having devoured stories and games very early on in his life, he is very excited to help write the next chapter in the history of entertainment.

He is a game development veteran and previously a leader at iconic studios such as BioWare, Playfish and Sumea, and he helped create and develop worlds from Mass Effect to Dragon Age and Harry Potter to the Simpsons.

He’s originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Christopher Barnes
Co-Founder & CTO

Chris is Doppio's Chief Technology Officer and a co-founder of the studio.

Prior to Doppio, Chris worked on mobile games at BANDAI NAMCO and Electronic Arts, as well as on back-end platform services for EA's triple-A PC and console titles.

Chris holds a degree in Information Science from Cornell University. He's originally from Long Island, New York, USA.


Team Members


Gabriel Canavarro
Game Designer/Developer

Gabriel Canavarro is a Game Designer/Developer at Doppio.

He has studied Game Design at the University of Utah in the US and graduated from PUC-MG in Brazil.

Right now, Gabriel is finishing his Master’s Degree program in Game Design and Development at UBI in Portugal and is dedicated full-time to creating new games at Doppio. It doesn't get more nerd than that.


Eva Vital
Game Designer/Developer

Eva is a Game Designer/Developer at Doppio.

Ever since she was just a kid, she has enjoyed narrative-based and character-focused games, especially computer RPGs, and from that came her dream of creating games as a medium for storytelling and learning.

Eva is a Macau native, living in Portugal since she was 6 years old. She finished her Bachelor’s degree in Videogame Development in 2019 but, before that, she was also a professional track and field athlete and a freelance illustrator.

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