Step into fascinating worlds and let your voice guide you.

Doppio makes conversational games about people and their relationships, discussing life's biggest questions, delivered in a delightfully surprising and humorous way.



Enter the Vortex

We’re thrilled to announce The Vortex, our first title, available for Amazon Alexa, and now available for the Google Assistant as well!

Awakened suddenly from cryo-sleep in the middle of a deep space voyage with your ship derelict, command a team of misfit repair robots to find out what happened and escape a looming alien menace.


Walking the talk

We’re a group of voracious readers and knowledgeable gamers who are passionate about using voice to bring storytelling and game design closer together.

To achieve this, we’re bringing our experience from renowned studios such as BioWare, Playfish and Digital Chocolate, and with popular story universes such as Harry Potter, Dragon Age and Mass Effect.

Interested in joining us? Drop us a line.