Can you make it to the 3%?


The game is set in the world of “3%,” a dystopian future where residents of the impoverished Inland, after turning 20 years old, are made to participate in an experiment called The Process. The best three percent of candidates secure a spot on the Offshore, a wealthy and technologically advanced utopia.

“The Process” is a series of unusual challenges that were set up so only the most worthy would have the opportunity to leave the slums of the The Inland and go to the Offshore— a paradise. Can you beat the competition and make it to the 3%?


  • Play through several surprising voice-based challenges to test your skills and prove that you belong in the elite

  • Compete with other players across the globe in weekly tournaments and earn rewards to give you an edge

  • Features an original prequel storyline written in collaboration with the showrunner and writers of the hit Netflix Original Series

  • Voiced by Bianca Comparato, the lead actress from the hit Netflix Original Series

  • Vibrant characters that become your friends and enemies in an interactive story that has hidden storyline branches

Watch 3% now, only on Netflix.

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The 3% Challenge for Amazon Alexa

Enjoy a beautiful visual experience when playing on a supported Echo device or Fire tablet.

“Alexa, open The Three Percent Challenge”


Available now!

Visuals available for devices that support a screen, including Echo Show and Echo Spot. Click here for a full list of devices that support a GUI.

Audio experience is available to play on any Alexa-enabled device, including on your iOS or Android smartphone via the Alexa app!

New to voice games? No worries! For help with opening the game, see the FAQ.


Coming soon: The 3% Challenge for Google Assistant


Coming soon, you will also be able to play The 3% Challenge on your supported Android or iOS phone or tablet, as well as on support smart speakers and displays.

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Coming soon!

Requires a smartphone with Android 5.0 or higher or a tablet with Android 6.0 or higher.

Or, play on smart speakers like the Google Home, or on smart displays like the Nest Hub!

New to voice games? No worries! For help with opening the game, see the FAQ.


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