The Vortex has a rich visual UI available when you play on a supported, Assistant-enabled smartphone or smart screen.

Here’s a rundown of the key UI cards in the game, and how they work. Note that these screenshots are from a smartphone; if you’re playing on a smart screen such as the Google Home Hub, you’ll see a slightly different layout.

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Status Report

You’ll see this card when you ask for a status report, or in various other situations when you need to select a new task. The card shows a a list of currently available tasks. Each task will have an icon indicating the its type, or the type of tool required to perform the task, if any.

If there are more tasks than fit on the screen, you can scroll the list with your finger. You can tap on any task to send one of your bots off to perform that task, or just speak or type the task’s name instead!


Task Started

You’ll see this card when a robot begins work on a task. You’ll see an icon indicating the robot that was assigned to do the task, and the text will indicate the task’s the time to completion.


Item Used/Task Completed

You’ll see this card when a robot completes a task, either when you use an overdrive battery or on the next time you return to the game or ask for a status report after the task’s completion time has elapsed. You’ll see a design for the robot who completed the task, and if a battery was used you’ll see a battery icon in the center. The text on the card will indicate rewards earned by completing the task, if any.

You’ll also see a similar card when you use an upgrade kit or install a tool. There generally aren’t any rewards associated with these actions.


There are several other UI cards in the game that you’ll see from time to time, but these are the key ones!